Pompom Mirror, 2015

Daniel Rozin

Was exhibited at bitforms gallery in NYC as part of Rozins solo exhibition, “Descent Without Modification”. Bitform is a gallery that specializes in digital media art.

A synchronized array of 928 spherical faux fur puffs, organized in a 3-D grid of beige and black, the sculpture is controlled by hundreds of motors that build silhouettes of viewers using computer-vision.

The figures appear as fluffy animal-like representations, which is possible with a push-pull forward and backward motion of meshed “pixels.”

The motors are activated in response to movements captured and translated by a Kinect sensor, routing the data captured through a computer, moving the motors and pompoms.



Daniel Rozin
PomPom Mirror, 2015
928 faux fur pom poms, 464 motors, control electronics, xbox kinect motion sensor, mac-mini computer, custom software, wooden armature
48 x 48 x 18 in / 121.9 x 121.9 x 45.7 cm
Edition of 6

Artist wanted to explore with soft materials and chose faux fur balls because of their ability to squeeze and then recover its full volume.


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