This 3 image series is focused around the concept of a “glitch”, or a malfunction or irregularity of equipment. The image I chose to edit in text edit is one I took this past summer looking out an airplane window. The edits represent three attempts of making the image less recognizable and visible in three different ways. I believe the middle one is the most successful.

5×5 Added Effects

For this video I overlaid a video of me drawing a tally set and another video of me climbing stairs, I wanted it to have an ominous feeling.

Final Hybrid Project

My hybrid project was inspired by light coming through blinds. I created a frame out of foamcore and used the square cut out to use as a backdrop of a wall. I then spray painted the wall paper on and cut the shape of the light rays into tracing paper. The final touch and digital element to the project was to project red and blue lights I made in Photoshop and premier to mimic a police sirens lights. I wanted to create an ominous yet preppy/quaint feeling.

Human Movement

For my human movement project I focused on footage from two separate trips to Cleveland, one during the day and one during the night. The effect I wanted to have was for you to feel intoxicated while driving/riding, or if anything else for it to feel funky. My favorite aspect of the video is the layering aspect.

5×5 Video-1

The emotion that I am trying to evoke in this fear. I often have to walk to the art building at night because I do not have a parking pass. The sudden changes in angles and the panning of the camera is supposed to evoke the feeling of being watched. Although the video is dark, I think it is appropriate for the videos mood.



Instead of working off of an already existing image, I first created this image from scratch. Intending on the shadow of the plants swaying, and the light flickering, I attempted to create a gif. There are a few things that need reworked, like there being a light reflection on the window, and the color of the illuminated walls.



My favorite aspect of this image is the yellow background, which is from a searched pee sample. The pee aspect is especially humorous because sodium is a dehydrator, enhancing the yellow of pee. The text is the text used in the original noodle packaging, and I added the dip between the a and the m to further mimic the brand. Then the noodles were drawn in around the text, and a red border under the noodle layer finished the image off.

Propaganda Proposal

For my propaganda idea I plan on playing off of ramen noodles, particularly the staple Maruchan brand. I will keep it simple, only using a few colors, and have the focus be on the text and graphics. I want it to be humorous.



I chose a halloween theme for my postcard as halloween is close, my goal was to force the user to interact with the postcard by first downloading a barcode scanner from any App Store. The user would then scan the barcode and see that it reads “Happy Halloween”. Everything was created in illustrator except for the skeleton.


My identity project is a four part piece, each background is of a soothing color and has a significant pattern over it, page one has a pattern that is supposed to resemble my fingerprint, taking the identity meaning literally, page two has lines meant to echo my 2-d work, page three has a wood pattern meant to mimic nature, and page three has a plant pattern, meant t signify the future. The theme is built upon these backgrounds.